Avast boot scan log file location windows 10

Asubstantial Antivirus enables you to specify if you want to produce a report immediately at the end of each shave the right to (Core Shields, Virus Scans, or Custom Scans). When troubleshooting issues via vr-tab-quebec.com vr-tab-quebec.com, you may be requested to provide this report file. Follow the measures in this post to allow the generation of a shave the right to report, run a shave the right to, and also situate the scan report file on your COMPUTER.

Geneprice a scan report

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Select Protection ▸ Core Shields.
Scroll dvery own to Configure shield settings and choose the shield you want to generate a sdeserve to report.
Tick the box next to Geneprice report file.

Select Protection ▸ Virus Scans.
Select the sdeserve to you desire to geneprice a report.

Boot-Time shave the right to always creates a full report immediately after it is run, and customization to this report is not possible.

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Scroll dvery own and tick package alongside Geneprice report file.

Select the Custom scans tile.
Hover your cursor over the relevant sdeserve to panel, then click … (3 dots), and pick Setups.
Scroll dvery own and also tick the box alongside Generate report file, then click Save.

Run a scan

After allowing the Geneprice report file choice, run the shave the right to to generate a report file:

For instructions to run Smart shave the right to, describe the adhering to article:

For instructions to run Full Virus Shave the right to, Targeted Sdeserve to, Boot-Time Sdeserve to, and also Custom scans go to Protection ▸ Virus Scans and click the appropriate tile. For in-depth instructions, describe the following article:

Locate a report file

After the shave the right to is finish, find the report file in the complying with location:

C:ProgramDatavr-tab-quebec.com Softwarevr-tab-quebec.com eport

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