Audio fades in and out windows 10

I purchased a Dell Inspiron at the finish of the summer that had actually Windows 8.1 and also a Windows 10 upgrade. I did the upgrade, everything"s been fine (knock on wood) other than for the audio. Music and videos will certainly begin out playing at one volume, drop, go ago up, drop, go back up, and so on. It does it when I"m playing speakers or headphones, definitely even more noticeable via headphones. I"ve done whatever I have the right to think of, including streaming the music with my library on Amazon, messing via the tool settings...I"m out of concepts and getting extremely, extremely frustrated. I"ve never had actually this problem via any type of Windows equipments I"ve operated off of.
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Geethu B
Replied on December 7, 2015


Thank you for contacting Community. I understand that you have an worry through audio after upgrading to Windows 10.I will certainly sucount help you to resolve this problem.

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To understand the problem much better what is the make and also model variety of the computer?

This worry may happen due to incorrect audio settings or corrupt or outdated audio driver.

Method 1:

I imply you to attempt the procedures in the post which will help to settle the prevalent sound worries.Check if it helps.


Method 2:

If the issue persists, I indicate you to downpack and install latest audio driver from the computer manufacturer website and check if it helps.If Windows10 drivers are not accessible, I would certainly imply you to install driver in compatibility mode.

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To install theaudio driverin compatibility mode, I would indicate you to follow these steps:

a.Downpack the latest audio driverfrom the manufacturer’s website and also conserve it on your neighborhood disk.b. Right-click on the setup file of the driver and also select “Properties”.c. Select “Compatibility” Tab. d. Place a inspect note alongside “Run this routine in Compatibility mode” andselect latest Windows versionfrom the drop down list. e. Let the driver install and also then inspect the use.

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Hope this indevelopment helps. Reply to the write-up via an updated status of the concern so that we have the right to aid you further.