Audio cuts out when streaming video

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I am having the exact same issues. I am awaiting feedback from Customer Support. I have several sticks and TV"s however just having the sound issue on one stick. I am exhausted of pushing the recollection switch.


I love how this has been a recognized problem for months, and also they just neglect it. I"ve been utilizing sticks for years, have actually bought at leastern 6, and have recommended them to everyone. Think I might switch over to the firestick though.

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I have the exact same problem via my stick. For months the audio has been cutting out then stuttering back in without any kind of rhyme or factor. I have troubleshot it in eincredibly means feasible. Tbelow is nopoint wrong with my TV. The hdmi cable is fine, and so on The only point that provides it better is refounding it. This worry requirements to be readdressed ASAP.
So strange! Mine literally just began Friday (no troubles before then). I agree they they to resolve this! Definitely not obtaining my money"s worth as soon as a movie stops and starts at least a fifty percent dozen times! Tried calling yet they don"t have actually people answering calls as a result of Covid.

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This just began via my stick yesterday (5/18). I have to restart it eextremely time! I save checking for device updays and also seeing no updays necessary. I"ve had this point for years and never before had actually any issues. It"s frustrating they aren"t talking calls anymore. Just like that. Abandon your customers.
Audio cuts out every 10- 15 minute once watching Prime, PBS and also BritBox... Netflix and Pandora are fine... so far. Do i go ahead and cancel those programs then signup again? Frustrating!!!
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