Ati radeon xpress 200 drivers windows xp

A Mozilla crash report has actually said that I upgrade my graphics chauffeurs to variation 9.6 or later.  I"m only running variation 6.14 circa 2005.  I perform not yet recognize whether or not it matters whether I am running Windows XP sp2 (my existing OS install) or sp3.  I just cannot discover the latest vehicle drivers after looking almost everywhere.

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AMD took over ATI yet they don"t have the vehicle drivers earlier that far at their website.

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According to AMD this is the latest driver for the Xpush 200. But, you must really be updated to SP3.


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A much easier point to execute would be to just visit your Computer Manufacturer"s website and also uncover the list of motorists for your sustained device...

A simpler thing to carry out would certainly be to just visit your Computer Manufacturer"s webwebsite and also uncover the list of chauffeurs for your supported device...

I went to the AMD site, yet my device is not noted, just tools back to Series 210, mine is Series 200.

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By the means, I just ran the installation for sp3 a second time given that I"ve made some very minor alters that might enable it to get previous that "Data is invalid" error I"ve been posting around.


So it did all the phases, ago up old stuff, install new records, update regisattempt, run procedures after install, and currently it"s on the Perdeveloping cleanup.

Am I just about there?  This "Perdeveloping cleanup" phase has actually been running for about 10 minutes or so, through occasional blinks of the screen.  Should I just accept whatever when it lastly claims something more?  It appears I"m nearly there?


Does anyone recognize if "Performing cleanup" has actually an error, does it really matter?  Is it just some records in some directory?  That I don"t need.  Could I just shut dvery own the update process and also pretty much it"s ok?  I know this could be a difficult question.  It"s acquiring to be 15 or 20 minutes of "Percreating cleanup" currently.  Is that a long time in computer system life?


It DID so somepoint to Outlook or somepoint, possibly it"s still alive.

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I"ve heard it can take as long as nearly 3 hours - logs could still be updating - I"ll inspect the logs.