Ati radeon hd 4200 dual monitor

I have actually a relatively new Powerspec computer (i5 quad core processor, around a year or two old) and just grabbed a new reasonably inexpensive ($40?) graphics card. It has 1 DVI, one VGA, and also one HDMI output.

I have two (various type) monitors plugged into the DVI and VGA slots, and they job-related good. However before, I cannot seem to have the ability to gain a 3rd monitor in the HDMI slot to work. I have the right to watch the monitor (and also monitor info) display up in display screen settings. However before, if I attempt to switch the monitor to "on" and click use, nothing happens.

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Anyone have the slightest idea what the difficulty could be? (It"s a Radeon graphics card FYI; if I remember ideal I think it was the Radeon 4200?)

10.10 xorg multiple-monitors ati
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Jorge Castro
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asked Jan 21 "11 at 23:08
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Sorry, based upon the information in your question your card doesn"t support three monitors.

The AMD/ATI modern technology for driving even more than 2 monitors from the same card is referred to as Eyefinity, yet it is just sustained on certain cards, see AMD"s Eyefinity FAQ.

In brief, you require

one of the Radeon models detailed in the FAQ (all in the 5000 and 6000 series) and the card have to have a DisplayPort connector.

The DisplayPort need to be used for the 3rd monitor.

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In addition, AMD does not officially assistance Eyefinity on Radeon cards for Linux yet. Drivers exist, so with the proper combicountry of cards and also monitors it deserve to be made to job-related, however there are some constraints.

See likewise the question 3-monitor graphics on Linux on

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You might be able to get a 3rd monitor working making use of a USB video adapter from DisplayLink. Take a look at this thread I just posted to gain some feedback on the ease of doing this. My different is to obtain a 2nd COMPUTER and also run Synergy to usage the very same mouse+key-board through both devices :(

Here is the DisplayLink on linux driver page

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answered Mar 9 "11 at 19:48

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