At&t network or sim card error

2. To or toward the direction or place of, especially for a details purpose: Questions came at us from all sides.

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7. To or making use of the rate, degree, or amount of; to the suggest of: at 30 cents a pound; at high speed; at 20 paces; at 350°F.
4. engaged in; in a state of (being): children at play; stand also at ease; he is at his the majority of charming this particular day.
5. (in expressions involved via habitual activity) during the passing of (esp in the phrase at night): he supplied to work at night.
2. (supplied to suggest a location or position, as in time, on a scale, or in order): at age 65; at zero; at the finish.

If you want to mention the building where somepoint is or wbelow something happens, you usually use at.

In British English, you say that someone is at institution or at university once you desire to say that they research tright here.

2. time

At is additionally supplied to say as soon as something happens.

You use at as soon as you are mentioning an exact time.

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If you want to know the specific time as soon as somepoint happened or will certainly occur, you have the right to say "At what time...?" yet world typically say "What time..."" or "When...?"

However, you say that somepoint happened or will take place "in the morning", "in the afternoon", or "in the evening".

If something happens at a meal time, it happens while the meal is being eaten.

At - a extremely unstable radioactive aspect (the heaviest of the halogen series); a degeneration product of uranium and also thorium
chemical facet, element - any type of of the even more than 100 well-known substances (of which 92 take place naturally) that cannot be separated into less complicated substances and that singly or in combicountry constitute all matter
halogen - any kind of of five associated nonmetallic elements (fluorine or chlorine or bromine or iodine or astatine) that are all monovalent and also conveniently develop negative ions

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(specifying unstable location) → entright here weren"t many kind of people at the party/lecture → no había mucha gente en la fiesta/conferenciaat the hairdresser"s/superindustry → en la peluquería/el supermercadoat the office → en la oficinaat school → en la escuela, en el colegioat sea → en el marat table → en la mesaBUT at John"s → en casa de Juanwbelow it"s at Glasgow"s where it"s at → en Glasgow es donde está la movida, en Glasgow es donde está el rollo (Sp) wright here we"re at I"ll just run with wbelow we"re at → te voy a poner al tanto or al corriente de cuál es la situación
1.2. (specifying position)my room"s at the ago of the house → mi dormitorio está en la parte de atrás de la casathe dress fastens at the back → el vestiperform se abrocha por detrásat the bottom of the stairs → al pie de las escalerasto stand at the door → estar de pie or (LAm) paracarry out en la puertaat the edge → en el bordemy room"s at the front of the house → mi dormitorio está en la parte delantera de la casathe dress fas10s at the front → el vestido se abrocha por delanteat the top (gen) → en lo alto; (of mountain) → en la cumbreto be at the window → estar junto a la ventanahe came in at the home window → entró por la ventana