Asus rt-n66u dropping wireless connection

So, my rexternal will randomly drop link throughout the day and it happens several times. I look at the mechanism logs, however have no principle what I"m looking at. I am going to post the logs right here, if someone can tell me what is happening to make the connection drop, I would certainly considerably appreciate it!!AqIPCstpVYKUzHgdJ3P44BOc9wTB

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Is it simply your LAPTOP that is losing connectivity? Maybe try "forgetting" the WiFi network on the lapheight and connecting aobtain, re-entering the WiFi password. Other than the reboot this morning and also the Laptop flipping out, I do not see much else. It does take your ISP a while to asauthorize your last public IP deal with throughout boot.And because you"re running Merlin 380.70, which is over a year old now, it might be worthwhile to upgrade to John"s fork, which was last updated in April 2019.

So perhaps your router is rebooting several times a day. Could be a power problem with the cord/plug. Check your uptime on the System Log page after all the devices "shed connectivity". I"m guessing it"s out for 2-5 minutes (enough time for a full reboot), and also then it"s earlier until next time?

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Many most likely scenario. I am holding my breath and crossing my fingers bereason my RT-N66U has run 24/7 for 6 years now without a hitch...damn fine hardware. Lots of cheap replacements for Asus power brick on eBay...simply be sure its for RT-N66 for the correct plug dimension. I very recommfinish John"s Fork to keep it updated and also safe from present hazards...looks and also feels just favor ASUSWrt and also Merlin yet current to April 2019.Replacing Merlin"s 380.70 via John"s, mine compelled use of the "mini web server" to get about the FCC power demands. The developed in "Firmware Upgrade" feature refuses to pack un-blessed firmware. Thanks to John for maintaining this old bird alive and also present.

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