Asus pce-n15 windows 10 problems

This PCI addon card itself functions ok under home windows 10, however the utility does not.The utility permits to connumber access allude and miscellaneous other settings such as what channel it broadcasts on.My problem is that the default channel is 10 (WHYY??), which is type of weird given that the traditional is 1, 6 or 11 at least in Europe.I searched high and low, however I can"t find any method to readjust the channel. It"s not doable via driver settings in device manager and I can not uncover any kind of commands via CMD either. Any tips?What I learned this day was that channel overlapping is a lot even more detrimental to WiFi performance, than being on a crowded channel. So for my very own sake, and also not to disturb surrounding WiFi networks I would certainly prefer to be able to change my channel for a great endure for all

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But I"m telling you that the AP is always on channel 10. As I deserve to see on WiFi analyzer from my phone. Generally AP auto negotiate and switch in between 1,6,11 for whichever has leastern interference. Sooo, certain I don"t need to problem. I gained great signal to my COMPUTER which is 2 meter amethod. But if channel overlapping is so poor, isn"t my AP messing up my router or various other WiFi in the area using channel 11?Thought the whole allude was to avoid channel overlapping at all expense. Was just trying to be friendly to my surrounding WiFi atmosphere.But if it"s impossible to readjust channel so be it
Or perhaps that channel overlapping is just a bunch of woowoo that really isn"t THAT essential as they make it out to be ;P

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