Asus p8z77-v bios update

I newly constructed this brand-new PC yet I notification the majority of games are not running as well as I had hopped, Tribes, Skyrim, Saints Row the Third and Serious Sam 3 for example. Some have actually really poor FPS choose 60-30, dipping frequently.

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I notice my Motherboard has actually the majority of updays, I"m hoping this will aid.

CPU: Intel Core i5 3570K 3.4GHz | GPU: Radeon HD 6950 | Mobo: Asus P8Z77-V LX | RAM: Corsair 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 1600MHz



Go to Asus main website and download the latest bios.

Inside the file you will certainly uncover the instructions on exactly how to rename the file included. After renaming it you open up Asus Updater to flash the new Bios.

If you dont have actually Asus upday you have the right to obtain it here:


Press F2 on boot to enter the BIOS. Tright here must be a tab that claims Modern. From there pick something like: Start Easy Flash. You should then be prompted to pick the brand-new bios file. After you select a document it will upday your bios to the brand-new variation.

I have actually an ASUS motherboard myself.

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I would certainly recommend this approach over utilizing the Windows utility technique because I have heard that it is safer and helps minimize the opportunity of something going wrong and also bricking your mobo


I"d be surprised if updating the BIOS will improve your gaming performance, but to actually answer your question:

You deserve to downfill the hands-on for this motherboard here:

Section 3.10 deals explicitly via the differing methods in which to upday the BIOS.

Section 3.10.1 mentions an Asus Upday utility that will enable you to update the BIOS from within Windows and it appears sensibly straightforward if it"s your first time.

The hand-operated advises that the utility comes on the DVD that came through your motherboard, however you can additionally downpack the energy (and also the BIOS update itself) from here:

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