Asus maximus x hero bios update

I am having a surprisingly tough time finding instructions on how to upday the BIOS - can anyone help? I found details from short articles years old on google that I'm guessing can occupational however I'd feel a lot much less anxious if I heard something fresh.

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I have actually the .CAP file downloaded for the wifi variation of the board however I'm not sure what to execute from here?


you put it in a folder that is easy to find (or also in the root of a drive) and also open it from bios via ez flash..?

test the archive of the cap through winrar prior to using it to ensure it isn't damaged

You have the right to do it this way:

Placed the .CAP file on a USB drive.

Boot into your BIOS.

Find the tool/menu in the BIOS that is generally labelled BIOS UPDATE/EX FLASH, and so on.

In the tool, open up the .CAP file. Follow instructions on display screen. It will pack it, create it, and so on Make certain you DO NOT power off the computer in the time of this process.

Once it's done it will either revolve off the computer or reboot ago right into the BIOS. You might have to set all your BIOS settings aget so make sure you take not of all of them prior to flashing.

Side note: If your computer is functioning and you have actually no factor to upday your BIOS, don't bvarious other. Unmuch less you know it clearly fixes something or adds a feature you're going to usage, there's not a lot point.

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Original Poster3 years ago

Thanks, this is precisely what I was looking for and also I appreciate the note at the end because I'm leaning in the direction of leaving well sufficient alone.

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i7 8700K | ASUS Maximus Hero X | 16 GB G.Skill 3200 MHz3 years earlier · edited 3 years ago

I just updated to this BIOS last night, and it has most renovations both over the 0401 and also the 0802 variation.

If your motherboard has the latter version, updating it can not be important, however if you are on the 0401 version you should really update.

It is VERY basic on ASUS motherboards, and if you follow the instructions offered here, you have actually nopoint to worry about.

The EZ Flash 3 tool is on the "Tools" tab inside the BIOS.

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