Asus atx ddr4 lga 1151 motherboards z170-e

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Looks pretty decent and also the BIOS is simple to navigate through many choices to customize.

Overclocking is a little restricted though. my 6700k have the right to just reach 4.7GHz steady. Any better needs ridiculous levels of power on vCore. I tried a friends 7700k and saw similar results which leads me to believe it is the MOBO and not silicone lottery on the CPU. This is not a substantial issue and is actually to be intended offered it"s the E variant and also not the A.

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Got my 6600k as much as 4.6GHz on this board, albeit at 1.38v (the silsymbol lottery has forsaken me).I finished up simply running it at 4.5GHz ~1.36v - not the safest or coolect OC, but it worked excellent for over three years.Has an excellent and also simple to use BIOS via a bunch of attributes (OCing, fan controls, heritage support, etc).

Good budget mobo. I execute regret not obtaining a 270 as I might have actually acquired a 6700k for basically the exact same price and a little more power.

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This motherboard provided me a headache. I invested a decent chunk of money trying to upday the BIOS without a Skylake processor at hand. At this allude, this need to come updated from the factory! Cost me sufficient in the finish that I could"ve bought a Gigabyte Z270 SLI board (through a far better audio chip) via that money!

Really solid budgain motherboard. The BIOS is really simple to work-related via for a beginner and making use of XMP to carry my RAM as much as 3200 was a breeze. Was smaller than I was expecting as I was only able to use 4 screws through my situation to secure rather of the 6 my case was setup for but not a big deal.

A excellent budget-friendly Z170 motherboard. I picked this up once it was on sale for $68. A great deal. Only complaint is that its not a traditional ATX size, so its absent the far ideal row of screws so be careful not to bfinish it as soon as installing RAM or plugging in the 24-pin power connector.

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The Asus Z170-E is an extremely great choice for a mid range motherboard. I would have personally bought a cheaper motherboard however, I took the reference from a frifinish to buy an ASUS motherboard and it has actually yet to disappoint.

This board was by far the worst component in my construct. Features wise, it is terrific. Aesthetically, it is beautiful. But, as far as the layout, it is a complete pain in the a$*. It may be bereason I"m an incompetent builder ,however it seemed as though the connector pins were just scattered all over at random through no layout/placement in mind. This made cable administration extremely,incredibly hard.


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