Arduino port greyed out windows 10

Arduino Studio “COM Port grayed out” difficulty is the most annoying trouble of the IDE.

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Comparing with other IDEs from other programming languages, Arduino Studio is not incredibly user friendly.The a lot of annoying trouble that I encountered is the “COM Port grayed out” problem which implies that the COM port is grayed out and also I can’t pick anypoint.Even if the tool chauffeurs are effectively loaded, and also they show up in home windows control panel, Arduino Studio cannot watch them or it considers that ports are busy.

In the end, I had actually discovered a solution which is not the easiest, yet is the just one that works.

1. Make sure you have actually the correct driver for your tool and also the tool mirrors up in “Device Manager”:

For ch340 chips (Chinese Arduino boards): FTDI chips (FT232RL): USBasp programmers:

2. When the Serial port menu is greyed out, it implies there are no available ports.

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These are the steps:

1. Connect your board

For FTDI board:

Connect just the FTDI board to a USB port.Go to Control Panel, under the USB Controllers and uncover the “USB Serial Converter”Now you recognize that it is mounted correctlyaffix the FTDI board to Arduino.

For Arduino UNO:

Connect the board to the computer making use of a USB cable2. Find your COM port numberGo to Control Panel, under the Ports (COM&LPT) and look for your COM number.If you have multiple ports you deserve to right-click on each of them and also go to Properties -> Driver and also discover out which one it is your Arduino


3. Keep in mind down the number attached to COM

In my situation, it was 4.

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4. Find the exterior choices file and also modify itOpen Arduino IDE and go to Documents -> PreferencesAt the bottom of the food selection, the path to the choices.txt file is provided.Click on that file or open it in a text editorCshed the Arduino Studio IDEScroll down to – serial. port = COMx. Change the ‘x’ to the number of your port.