Archeage crashing to desktop no error

I simply freshly reset up and plan to provide the game one more go through a group of friends. We haven't played considering that the launch of the castle patch.

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After acquiring in the game, around 10 minutes or so randomly my client will certainly close/crash to desktop through no error. I have done a little research study and also made the suggested transforms to compatibility mode, virtual memory, etc.

Has anyone else encountered this problem?I'm making use of Windows 10 and also XFX HD7950

Very frustrating considering that I chose to go in heads first and passist for patron out the gate. Thanks for the aid.


Enter settings and switch dx11 to dx9. AA has some problems through dx11 and memory leaks, this problem you explain could be it. excellent luck.

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I have played this game considering that launch. This trouble has existed considering that the beginning and as much as I deserve to tell, will certainly persist until the last server shuts down. When the game desires you out, it desires you out. Sometimes you'll acquire a warning. Sometimes it'll just cshed the game. Sometimes it'll simply speak responding totally for 5 minutes or even more till it finally gives you the "gods have actually disassociated you" switch. Just hope you weren't doing anything necessary at the time and also log earlier in. Most of the time, the trouble will certainly resolve and you deserve to store playing. :/ it's something you will have to resolve if you desire to play this game. It sucks, but it's life in Archeage.

What is inexplicable is that I played this game from launch up via a pair weeks after the castle rush and also I never before proficient this specific issue a solitary time. I'm trying a clean install and the straight X readjust currently to see if that gets a change.

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I percreated a clean install and also the game ran excellent with no crashes for a day. Back to CTD concerns eincredibly 10 mins. Extremely frustrating issue


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