Apple earphones volume control not working

Are you trying to search a simple solution that would certainly deal with the “headphone regulate not working” concern then we can help you. We have gathered some fixes that would deal with the iPhone headphone controls not working trouble.

Delight Taylor Last Updated: Apr. 17, 2020

There are quite a couple of users who have experienced the exact same thing and reported an worry stating “headphone controls not working on iPhone”. Mainly, the concern might be a hardware problem, but sometimes it can additionally be brought about by dust and dirt in the buttons, jack, or as a result of some various other factors. Sometimes the iPhone customers obtain confused between the headphone control not functioning and also headphone volume regulate not functioning too. But don’t issue, these concerns have actually the common remedies.

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So, before you go and also visit the Apple Store, we are providing you with some simple tricks that would be efficient in your problem. So, let’s attempt them out and also check out which deal with will work-related for you.

How to Fix Headphone Controls Not Working on iPhone

Amongst all the techniques that deserve to solve the headphone not working concerns, we will certainly discuss the many common ones at initially.

Method 1. Clean the Volume Buttons

The easiest deal with you have the right to attempt is to examine the volume buttons for dust and dirt pwrite-ups. If tbelow is dust, then you can remove it using a vacuum nozzle, a q-reminder, or by rubbing alcohol. The buttons are pretty sensitive so if you uncover dirt about the butloads then remove it very closely.

Method 2. Check the Charging Port and also the Headphone Jack

After having actually a check on the Volume buttons, you must offer a examine to the Charging Port and the Headphone jack. Sometimes, the normal concern is approximately the connector and therefore you deserve to clean it by using a toothpick. You just have to ensure that you rerelocated the debris and dirt totally and also then offer the headphone control one more attempt. This solve will certainly many more than likely solve the “headphone volume control not functioning iPhone” problem.

Method 3. Press the Volume Butlots Several Times

Anvarious other easy method that you have the right to try is to push the volume butloads numerous times. Sometimes it is the buttons that obtain stuck inside, and also it is avoiding your headphones volume control to work-related also. So, pushing the buttons can acquire the butlots ago to the normal position and will solve the worry instantly.

Method 4. Use the Ring/Silent Button

The toggling of the Ring/Silent switch also has actually some possibilities to fix the headphone control not working issue. For some individuals, this technique reresolved the trouble and their headphones started functioning commonly.

Method 5. Change your Headphones

Tright here is a opportunity that it is your headphones that are faulty. And that’s the major factor the controls are not functioning appropriately. So, make certain that you are making use of the original iPhone headphones. You deserve to likewise use some top quality earphones that have actually volume controls in it. You can attempt to raise and lower the volume through those buttons and the ‘headphone controls not functioning on iPhone” will many definitely be addressed.

Method 6. Restart your iPhone

If the easy tricks are not functioning for you then the opportunity is that your software or the hardware can be causing the concern. The Rebegin strategy might seem too basic to try however it is an reliable one.

The Rebegin alternative for iPhone 6 and earlier models you can push and hold the Side/Top switch with Home Button and the Slider will certainly show up on your display. You will need to drag the slider to turn off your iPhone and also then press and organize the Side/Top switch aobtain to revolve it on. For iPhone 7, you just should press the Sleep/Wake switch to revolve your iPhone 7 on or off.

If you have actually an iPhone X and also 8 and also trying to find some answers for the exact same problem, then you can also rebegin your iPhone by pressing and also holding the Side button together with any of the Volume switch and the slider will certainly show up. Drag the slider and also rotate off your iPhone and also then restart it complying with the very same strategy.

Whether the difficulty is in iPhone 6 headphones volume control not functioning, or any new model of the iPhone, the rebegin will certainly substantially settle the concern.

Method 7. Use the Assistive Touch

The Assistive Touch alternative deserve to likewise be provided to fix the headphone control not functioning on iPhone. Follow the measures below:

Step 1. Open the Setups app on your iPhone and go to General Setups.

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How to Fix Headphone Controls Not Working on iPhone through Assistive Touch-Step 1


How to Fix Headphone Controls Not Working on iPhone through Assistive Touch-Step 2

Tip 3. Now tap on it and also then click the “Device” choice. The Volume up and also down option will certainly appear on the screen. Tap on the option for several times and then close the dialog box.


How to Fix Headphone Controls Not Working on iPhone through Assistive Touch-Step 3

At last offer it a try to the Volume controls and also hopecompletely, the strategy will certainly work-related.

Method 8. Update iOS

The headphone volume controls not functioning on the iPhone have the right to likewise be a software application concern. So, downfill the latest iOS version and install it.

Step 1. Go to the Settings application and open up General settings and pick the Software Update alternative. Remember to plug in the charger prior to you begin the update.


How to Fix Headphone Controls Not Working on iPhone by means of iOS Update-Step 1

Step 2. Tap on the Download option and when the downpack completes, install the latest software program version.

As soon as you will install the latest variation, fortunately, it will certainly make the headphone controls job-related. Otherwise, all tbelow is left to execute is to perform a manufacturing facility recollection.

Method 9. Rekeep iPhone to Factory Settings

At last, you deserve to offer the Factory Reset a try erase eincredibly single point on your iPhone that could be resulting to the problem. Before you “Reset” your iPhone, backup eincredibly data on iTunes or iCloud so that you will have the ability to recuperate it.

To reset your iPhone, follow the steps:

Tip 1. Full charge your iPhone and ensure that you have a secure internet link otherwise your iPhone will certainly be stuck right into the recovery mode.

Tip 2. Connect your iPhone to the computer using a USB cable and also launch iTunes on your computer.

Step 3. In the Outline tab, click on the Resave option and the iTunes will downfill the necessary firmware. You will certainly have to wait for a while until the process is completed.

Finally, erected your iPhone as if it is new.

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The Bottom Line

It doesn’t matter which iPhone you have actually, whether it is iPhone 6, 6S, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, or the latest iPhone X. Every tech gadget is prone to issues. So, if the headphone volume controls not functioning on your iPhone version then you have the right to attempt the above-listed approaches to settle it. If the trouble still persists after trying them all, then it is time that you take your iPhone to the Apple Store.