Apex legends the instruction at referenced memory

While many type of of us are enjoying Apex Legends, tbelow are plenty of other players complaining around seemingly endmuch less bugs, glitches, and also errors. One such error is the Apex Legends memory might not be read error. Affecting just those playing the game on Windows PC, the error is an annoying one. If you’re after a fix for the memory error in Apex Legends, you’ve concerned the best location.

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What is the Apex Legends Memory Could Not Be Read Error?


As stated above, the “memory might not be check out error” is affecting only those of you that are playing Apex Legends on Windows Computers. Essentially, the game is unable to review your Computers memory. This is seemingly a bug within the game’s coding that seems to affect nearly any type of variation of the Windows operating device, but you’re even more likely to obtain the message if you’re making use of Windows 7 or 8.

After a little while of playing the game, it shows up to speak and crash for many type of customers through the “memory could not be read” error message showing up. There is, but, something of a resolve, despite the concern not having yet been acknowledged by the developers. To make matters even more facility, tbelow are multiple different error numbers associated right here. The many prevalent shows up to be 0x00000000, but.

Apex Legends Memory Could Not Be Read Error | Fix


Unfortunately, tright here is not yet an official resolve for the memory might not be read error in Apex Legends. However before, Reddit user u/Koopak99 has posted a detailed list of potential fixes for the error. Unfortunately again, none of the fixes provided in the thread show up to work for everyone. Either players have actually seen a reduction in the number of times they check out the error message or little bit to no change.


Even so, if you’re enduring the error a lot, you will want to get rid of it as a lot as possible. For those of you playing on Windows 8.1, you will want to install both of the KB3173424 and KB3172614 updates. This should aid minimize the variety of times your game crashes, at least.

Windows 7

For those of you playing the game on Windows 7, the deal with isn’t rather so easy. You will certainly must modify the game’s registry manually. First, choose to play the game in administrator mode. To perform this, you will have to follow these steps, as per u/Koopak99:

“Guide to manual regisattempt edit: ( are for highlighting, do not kind them)

Open the start food selection and type “regedit” this need to carry up regedit.exe, open up it.

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Using the side panel via drop dvery own arrows navigate to the below place. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionImage File Execution Options.

Right-click the “Image Data Execution Options” folder, hover over “new”, and also pick “Key”, enter the name “r5apex.exe”.

Right-click the “r5apex.exe” folder, float over “new”, and choose “Key”, enter the name “PerfOptions”

Highlight “PerfOptions” on the left, in the white area in the right field, right click, hover over “new” and select “DWORD (32-bit) Value”, Get in “CpuPriorityClass” for the name.

Double click the brand-new “CpuPriorityClass” DWORD you created and also in the brand-new window encertain that the Base is collection to Hexadecimal, then set the Value to “3”.

Cshed Regmodify.”

Windows 10

Windows 10 players shouldn’t be encountering the error after its latest updays. If you are though, please head over to the official Apex Legends assistance forums and ask for aid. Game developers and EA admins can be quite quick to respond.

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Hopefully EA and also Respawn deserve to get an official deal with out for the Apex Legends “memory might not be read” error quickly. As declared over, trying every little thing we’ve shelp can not occupational totally, though it will certainly most likely simply make the error appear less often than it did before.