An error occurred while trying to uninstall

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once we try to uninstall our software application from Add or Remove programs, an error occurrs in vista/win7 with a message "An error arisen while trying to uninstall program. It may have actually already been uninstalled". The software program is excellent as this error occurs only in some devices.I check out that this is a known issue in Windows vista and better variation of OS and it occurs as a result of timing issue.Has anyone encountered the very same error. If so can you let me recognize any kind of resolution or work-related roughly to solve/avoid this worry.Please help asap as this is very immediate.Thanks in development.

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Hi,The program gets unmounted correctly. It simply displays that message prior to rebooting. ie as soon as we select yes for reboot.Our customers have actually asked to settle the issue such that, the pop up error message does not show up.thanks
jcgriff2 BSODs ▫ Hex Date Conversion
Hi,Thanks for the response.We are the application developer. It is a product that we have actually developed using install manuscript for WLAN and bluetooth install. There is no problem via the application as this error is not continuous in all the systems. We can hardly ever redevelop in particular client units and also they have asked for a deal with for it. I read it in this attach that it occurs due to some timing issue. the customers are specific and also have asked us to resolve this.Since the message is coming up from the OS, we are unable to solve it.ThanksKavitha
Microsoft has confirmed that this is a difficulty in the Microsoft commodities that are provided in the Applies To area.
The "Applies To" area in kb2002473 mentions Vista just, which would encompass Vista SP2 based on the kb"s last testimonial day = 26 November 2009. Knowing that Windows 7 RTM was out at that time, one may think about Windows 7 to be included provided that Vista"s develop is NT 6.0 and also Windows 7 = NT 6.1.On the other side of that concept, one must wonder why Windows 7 was not included if it is a recognized trouble lugged forward from Vista. I cannot find a comparable kb referring to Windows 7 alone. I myself would certainly assume Windows 7 RTM has the exact same problem and also may be corrected in Windows 7 SP1, which is not yet released.Given that Microsoft recognizes the problem as a Windows OS issue, I don"t view what can be done outside of accepting the "solution" in kb2002473 -
Ssuggest put, this problem is exterior your scope and not fixable by you - only by Microsoft. I would administer duplicates of the kb to your customers. I execute understand your clients reservations/ concerns right here.Regards. . .jcgriff2.

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Hi,Thanks for the timely response. Could you please sfinish me the KB so that I deserve to forward it to my customers.ThanksKavitha
Hi Kavitha . . .The kb is the one you provided me initially - kb2002473 - is the official publiburned copy by Microsoft easily accessible to the public.Right side, center of page - 2 alternatives allowed - Page Tools
· Print this page · E-mail this web page You deserve to legally administer your clients with a full copy or email them the connect.If I must come upon any kind of extra indevelopment later, I will certainly gladly pass it along to you. I recognize this is not the the majority of desirable out come for you.Regards. . .jcgriff2.
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