An active remote client has recently sent requests to this machine

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AuthorTopic: and "srvnet" hampering sleep mode (SOLVED) (Read 32280 times)

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Hi everyone. Although I am brand-new below, I have actually something valuable I wanted to share.Over the last week I have been troubleshooting an issue through MC 18 and its built in remote control feature. The test was perdeveloped on 2 workstations with fresh home windows 7 x64little bit installs. One a desktop computer, the various other a lapheight. Using JRemote and also WebGizmo. The outcomes were similar and also are repeatable.Once a remote connection is made to MC18 using JRemote or WebGizmo a power block is set in Windows called SRVNET. To confirm this, open up Command also Prompt > type in "powercfg -requests"You will certainly be greeted through the complying with configuration:SYSTEM: FileSystemsrvnetAn active remote client has freshly sent out requests to this machine.Once the remote connection is severed by cshedding either of the respected manage apps and cshedding MC18, the SRVNET power block does not clear and continues to be active till the mechanism is rebooted.You are more than likely asking, Johnny, why in the world is this an concern and also why execute we care? Well, what happens as soon as the SRVNET block is set is that it will certainly proccasion both my workstations from going right into SLEEP as it detects an energetic device block. My workstations are configured to go to sleep when all system blocks are no much longer active. It sleeps choose clockwork, barring SRVNET is not, as a developer, do you have regulate over this function on the code side of things? Are you able to terminate SRVNET once is closed? Might there be a possible solution in the future? Any information on the topic would be significantly appreciated.Thank you for reading.Kind regards,-Johnny

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Welcome.MC18 puts important* network-related serving threads into a state that avoids mechanism sleep. But once the connection is closed, this is restored.I'm not acquainted with 'FileSystemsrvnet', but I watch the same thing -- after connecting through Gizmo, 'FileSystemsrvnet' is provided.I'll carry out some even more research on our side and also check out if I have the right to learn anypoint.*Important serving functions incorporate searching and also playing records, but not responding to SSDP discovery.
MattAdministratorCitizen of the UniversePosts: 38911It's 10:00PM. Do you understand where your shoes are?

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I check out a tiny even more around this, and also it appears prefer FileSystemsrvnet is a driver / OS level point. I think the NIC or socket mechanism instantly keeps the machine awake a tiny while if something is talking to the machine.I didn't watch any type of means that we might controls this from our software.It looks choose you have the right to revolve the FileSystemsrvnet point off through an override at the command also line using powercfg.On an additional topic, why doesn't Microsoft make a nice user interchallenge for powercfg so normal human being deserve to see once their computer system sleeps, why it's waking up, etc.? It seems favor an evident feature.