Amd radeon hd 7310 driver windows 10

I"m running windows 10 on an acer with a AMD Radeon HD 7310 Graphics from 2015. The lapoptimal is so sluggish it"s barely usable. I review updating the graphics driver to the 2016 version helps but I can"t find any vehicle drivers later on than 2015. Can anyone administer links? Thanks!
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I mean you review this: Amd radeon hd 7310 graphics driver Windows 10


Did you go HERE to obtain the Beta Driver?


Why don"t you short article your indevelopment with a Speccy Link.

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Speccy Tutorial PcPunk


Please short article the specific model number of the pc and what OS came via it.


If you have a running computer system please follow the directions listed below so we have the right to obtain a much better look at what"s going on. 


This is just how to run Speccy and also short article the Link so that it deserve to be looked at by members, it is safe to run.


1. Please Click this Link Download Speccy - Installer "Click Downfill Free Version" and also the page will certainly Auto Scroll down.  Scroll dvery own aobtain to the bottom of Colum "Speccy Free" and also Left Click on "Free Download" aacquire on the next web page.  Install it with the instructions you check out tright here. 


2. If the file isn"t sitting at the bottom of your display, find the spsetup132.exe file and click it to install it.  It would certainly most most likely be in your Downlots folder.  Uninspect any kind of various other software application they trying to install.


3. Publish your Snapshot Link via this tutorial or the message below: Publish a Speccy profile to the Web



To publish a Speccy profile to the Web:In Speccy, click File, and also then click Publish Snapshot.In the Publish Snapshot dialog box, click Yes to enable Speccy to continue.Speccy publishes the profile and also screens a second Publish Snapshot. You have the right to open the URL in your default browser, copy it to the clipboard, or cshed the dialog box.

Note: The publimelted profile will use the very same language and temperature settings (Imperial or Metric) as your Speccy installation.

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These is my specs:

I"m presently running Windows 10 and also assume originally this lapheight ran home windows 7 bereason it has actually a regain to windows 7 alternative, that I can"t usage bereason I don"t have a home windows 7 backup.

Thanks for replying.


I saw the AMD webwebsite and also tried installing the  2016 version for home windows 7 because I didn"t see one for windows 10. I simply bought this refurbiburned and also reset it, updated it, and also it"s running incredibly, extremely slow-moving. I tried the AMD E1-1200 driver, because in my spec sheet it says "AMD E1-1200 APU through radeon hd graphics
1.40ghz. I had a notice the driver was damaged after installation so I used home windows to upday it.


The first pic is my driver the second pic is the chauffeurs I uncovered on the website. I tried installing the driver by going to the AMD file and clicking the crimchild variation (2016 windows 7) as the driver update, it actually updated and also switched to the 2016 however wasn"t sensible.


Current driver:

Driver versions for windows on AMD:

You deserve to attempt the Windows 8.1 Driver but I do not think it will matter a little.  I"ve seen many kind of of these horrible little bit cpu"s and also they never perdevelop well via Windows 10, and I"d be surprised if they functioned well through Windows 8 either, however much better than 10!  I feel anyone that bought among these brand-new acquired ripped off.  You require a brand-new pc if you desire somepoint that will run a decent rate.  I wouldn"t even offer someone one of these provided, I would just scrap it and relocate on, and also I have many kind of times.

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Look at the score that this cpu gets:  AMD E1-1200 APU  375!  That is just one of the lowest scores I"ve ever seen.

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