Amd fx(tm)-6300 six-core processor upgrade

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AMD FX-6300 chipset compatibility

A list of chipsets, that assistance the AMD FX-6300, was compiled from CPU assistance lists, publiburned on our website.

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AMD 770AMD 970
AMD 870AMD 990X
AMD 880GNVIDIA nForce 630a
AMD 890FXNVIDIA nForce 720D

AMD FX-6300 motherboard support

Tbelow are 206 motherboards, compatible via this processor.Complete list of these motherboards is available on theAMD FX-6300 motherboards page.

The CPU specs below are publimelted with the permission of the Please check the CPU-World website for more in-depth specifications.

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General specs

Release date:
Core Name:
Manufacturing Process:
Socket Type:Socket AM3+
The Number of Cores:6
The Number of Threads:6
Frequency:3.5 GHz
Maximum Turbo Frequency:
Bus speed:2.6 GHz
L1 Cache:
L2 Cache:
L3 Cache:8 MB
Thermal Deauthorize Power:
Supported memory:

Instructions and also Technologies

Execute Disable Bit?
64-little bit Support?
Hyper-Threading technology?No
Turbo Boost?
Enhanced SpeedStep?
Instruction Set Extensions:

Tray AMD FX-6300 CPUs have FD6300WMW6KHK part number. Boxed microprocessors have actually FD6300WMHKBOX part number. Please see AMD FX-Series page for details on various other CPUs from the household.

CPUs, comparable to AMD FX-6300

The FX-6300 is based upon Vishera core, and it makes use of Socket AM3+. There are likewise 15 Vishera processors, that occupational in the same socket. Short characteristics of these chips, along with stepping information, are gave below:
SpecificationsSteppingsUpgradeChanceModel / PartCoresThreadsFrequencyTurboFrequencyL2CacheL3CacheTDPOR-C0
FX-4300443.8 GHz4MB+95%
FX-4320444 GHz4MB+93%
FX-4330444 GHz8MB+35%
FX-4350444.2 GHz8MB+89%
FX-6300663.5 GHz8MB+N/A
FX-6330663.6 GHz8MB+25%
FX-6350663.9 GHz8MB+83%
FX-8300883.3 GHz8MB+90%
FX-8310883.4 GHz8MB+60%
FX-8320883.5 GHz8MB+82%
FX-8320E883.2 GHz8MB+66%
FX-8350884 GHz8MB+85%
FX-8370884 GHz8MB+57%
FX-8370E883.3 GHz8MB+62%
FX-9370884.4 GHz8MB+15%
FX-9590884.7 GHz8MB+15%

"Upgrade Chance" is a probcapacity of a effective processor upgrade/downgradefrom the FX-6300 (original CPU) to a particular model. Thisnumber is calculated as a percent of all motherboards, compatiblevia both original and upgrade CPUs, compared to the number ofmotherboards, that support the original AMD FX-6300. The number "100%"indicates that all motherboards, that job-related via the original version, alsowork through the upgrade CPU. The number "0%" indicates that namong theboards, that assistance the original CPU, will assistance the upgradeprocessor. The manufacturers perform not constantly test or publish outcomes forobscure and also unreleased models, and in some cases for OEM onlyprocessors, as a result they tfinish to have much lower scores than moreprevalent desktop/mobile countercomponents.

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AMD FX-6300 performance

The graph below shows average multi-threaded performance of the microprocessor compared to other Socket AM3+ components with the exact same type of style. The performance worth for many type of CPUs was established from more than 10 different real-people and also synthetic benchmarks. For each benchmarked application, we calculated performance proportion between current CPU and also the FX-6300, and then averaged the outcomes. Overall performance of chips, noted via (1), was approximated using their specifications, and tests of comparable AMD Socket AM3+ products through Vishera core.