Age of empires 2 hd crash on start

Instead of relating the story of addressing crashes, freezes, babsence screen and substantially enhancing performance for Period of Empires 2 DE in a lengthy boring text…

New section included “Sensei DE Tool” to optimize the latest version of AoE2DE>

I will attempt to relate my experience/remedies in little little sections to conserve time and avoid boredom.

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Without additionally redo…

Two months ago, I was among the last individuals to obtain a beta vital for AoE2 DE. But anyjust how I installed the game and also ran it – I was so excited to test it out.


I immediately jumped into the single player to test…and below we go.. an average of 25-30 fps to begin with; rendering the game to freeze and crash within 15 mins.. Besides I couldn’t aid noticing that my audio was a little choppier from minute to an additional.

In a nutshell, These are the issues I came throughout repeatedly:

Video Game craburned after 5 – 15 minsBlackdisplay then my audio is not working anyeven more (had to restart pc to fix)Choppy sound at random moments and sometimes for the whole gameplayRandom structure drops and also freezesGame takes 2 – 3 minutes to run

I tried the benchmark tool and also I obtained an average score of 580 & 600ish out of 1000 even after lowering the settings.

I was very depressed and annoyed by that horrible endure so I started thinking and also talking to myself…

Me: “I didn’t format my computer HDD hard drive considering that 2012.. My graphics card is GT630M which is a tool necessity and my cpu is 8 cores. So could it be my HDD tough drive?”

Guide Contents

Video Game Crashing and also FreezingFix Crashes, Black-Display & Choppy AudioBonus Tips

Switching to SSD Hard drive


I checked out the hardware save and purchased an SSD tough drive “Samsung EVO 860 1 TB” ($200 cost). I asked the man tright here to have actually it mounted in my lapoptimal and also renewing my cpu thermal paste ($5 expense me) and dust removal for my cpu ($5).

After the upgrade the computer turned into a turbo fast machine. I set up AoE2 DE through steam.

I run the game and also the surpincrease happened..

The game took less than 10 secs to get to the major menu. I stood up and also shoved my fist through the air: “F*** yeah!!!!”

I never before thought an SSD would certainly bring around so much rate innovation into my average pc. At that extremely minute I felt hope and then the first point I was tempted to execute is to run the benchmark tool.. Guess the results?

I gained 1100/1000. Yes It’s 1100 out of 1000 no spelling mistakes!! with tool graphics not low profile. Remember in my old HDD I gained 580/1000 so that provides for 50% innovation.

Here is my benchnote score for Team games (I have chrome open up which describes why 1059.3 not 1100):


My benchnote score for age of empires 2 definitive after upgrading to SSD

Sensei DE Tool For AoE2 DE

(This area has actually recently been included and is not component of my story. However the performance obtain out of this tool is formidable through tangible proof.)

In 2021, numerous points have actually adjusted.. The game state is improved considerably compared to 2019 yet a couple of hiccups in regards to performance are still tright here. So I produced an open source tool to assist optimize Period of empires 2 definitive edition even even more. The type of alters we are talking about are the ability to:

Disable/allow 38 surprise game effects and also animations.Shrink game resolution to any value from 10 to 100 (AoE2DE just enables 75%, 50%, 33%).Disable Intro VideosOptimize SplashScreenAccess to High Performance Graphics ProfileInstall Your Mods as Offline And delete the virtual ones.Manage all Mods across multiple heavy steam accounts.Optimal Windows Compatibility Settings

Watch a live demo to view for yourself (Benchnote Tests at the end of the video).

Download connect to Sensei DE (as defined in the video):

Video Game Crashing and also Freezing

I might have actually thrived in bringing the game performance to a higher level BUT…. the crashes and freezes were regularly emerging in mysterious situations in which I had actually to investigate even more.

These are the remaining issues:

After 30 – 40 mins: Blackdisplay screen then my audio is not working anymore (had to restart pc to fix)Choppy sound at random moments and also occasionally for the entire gameplay2 out 15 games I crashed

Change Power Settings

I quickly changed my power setup to High Performance by pressing Windows Key + R to bring up the “RUN” command also then type in:



Then Select “High Performance Plan”


Fix Crashes, Black-Display & Choppy Audio


It’s 95% likely that the crashes and freezes would certainly be long gone after this section.


It is funny just how the crashing, blackscreen and also audio were so connected and also linked via each various other. If the game does not crash the sound is gone or the game crashes and the sound is not gone.

So basically, it does not take a genius to involved that conclusion.

Coming to how I solved all that…

I used two programs:

DPC Latency Checker


I closed all applications and also eextremely window on my desktop before I ran the tests.

Diagnosing through DCOMPUTER Latency

I ran DPC Latency Checker, pressed begin button to inspect my audio latency for around 2 minutes then I saw


OMG…. Do you see those Red bars? Briefly.. they are audio latency spikes that potentially trigger all the three worries together: Blackdisplay screen, Sound not functioning and crashing.

Thanktotally I have actually fixed this issue prior to for a frifinish that had actually nearly the same thing in league of legends game.

So without hesitation I ran my “Device Manager” by pressing Windows key + R to lug up the “RUN” command aobtain and typed in:


I disabled the adhering to items:


Which network adapters to disable and also the one to store enabled?

Aget press Windows vital + R then form this in:


The picture above reveals that i’m utilizing “802.11n USB Wiremuch less LAN Card” so now I can disable the rest of the network-related adapters (the exact same photo reflects that i disabled the rest of the adapters.

(I will run DCOMPUTER Latency checker test and present the outcomes appropriate after LatencyMon diagnose)

Diagnosing via LatencyMon

This tool is perfect to find out the execution time for chauffeurs in other words exactly how responsive are your vehicle drivers with your system.

So I ran LatencyMon and also slapped that green play button


After 30 seconds… I switched to the Drivers tab to watch what’s up then as soon as again… OMG…


LatencyMon and resolving nvidia ndis.sys latency problem

Ndis.sys is 1.9 which is virtually 2 ms secs and also that’s an absolute expensive delay. It took me almost an hour to find the culprit. Continue reading…

Uninstalling MalwareBytes

This has actually diminished Ndis.sys from 1.9 ms to 0.9ms so this action is 100% handy.

Although Malwarebytes was just set up however not running on my windows… I did a research study and many world pointed fingers to uninstalling Malwarebytes and also antiviruses.

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So I unmounted Malwarebytes totally from my machine anymeans. And that my friends immediately showed a -1 ms innovation which is a large deal.

If you don’t have actually Malwarebytes I advise you to temporarily uninstall any antivirus such as: AVAST, AVG, MCAFE, BITDEFENDER, etc.

Only obtained Windows Defender? In that case you simply have to disable it making use of Defender control tool

Uninstalling Nvidia 3D Vision & Physics Software

Go to the search bar and form in: Add or remove programs


Type in tbelow “Nvidia” as display below


As you have the right to check out in the image I just have actually “Nvidia Graphics Driver”. I have already uninstalled “Nvidia 3D Vision” and also “Nvidia Physics Software”. The pinallude right here is to only store “Nvidia Graphics Driver” set up while uninstalling the remainder because you might discover others so just uninstall them all. They are just additional/optional components that take place to sluggish dvery own your GPU.

Next you desire to carry out a clean instevery one of Nvidia motorists just to encertain as follow

Test Results for DCOMPUTER Latency & LatencyMon

After uninstalling Malwarebytes and also Nvidia added components as explained over I was impressed via DCOMPUTER Latency test:


DCOMPUTER Latency test results after the tweaking

Then LatencyMon test showed mind-blowing innovation for ndis.sys that dropped from 1.9 ms to 0.2 ms which is a magnificent advancement.


latencymon test results after the tweaking

Furthermore I would favor to bring to your attention to a sound tweak trick that reduces the latency also even more.

Once aobtain push Windows essential + R and form in:


Select whatever playago gadget is collection to default and also has actually a examine note then click properties button.


Go to improvements tab and also disable all enhancements


Then go to State-of-the-art Tab and select “16 little, 44100 Hz (CD Quality)”


Repeat the exact same procedures for your microphone tool or various other sound devices.

You may ask why carry out we opt for CD quality profile? Sindicate because that profile employs much less Hz which is an include to your all at once mechanism resource usage.

Disable Monitor Audio

Your Laptop is associated to a monitor screen?


Nvidia users are pertained to through this. Because of “Nvidia High Definition Audio”, your graphics card is doing added job-related and also consuming more graphics memory. Only if your graphics card is medium power you have to disable Nvidia High Definition Audio which by itself disables your monitor audio.

Double check the sound settings to make sure your monitor audio is no much longer detected. This way your graphics card will spike less (spikes often trigger crashes and BSOD)

Reducing your resolution a little bit contributes significantly into reducing the reresource usage and also input lag therefore less emerging spikes. 

Bonus Tips

While my issues have actually been solved without these bonus tips, I feel urged to share them bereason I usage them myself for most of my steam games.

Launch Commands

I have actually written a write-up a few weeks ago around Launch regulates in AoE2 DE ( in situation you have worries such as horizontal blacklines or sound blaster problems. You’ll find tbelow the many commands to put right into usage.


Anyexactly how I would recommfinish ‘NoStartup’ launch command to skip the intro videos in instance the game loads sluggish for you.

Disable Hardware Acceleration For Browsers

Disabling hardware acceleration will certainly not just fix mouse input lag ingame however likewise release some cost-free resources on your GPU and also RAM.

To disable hardware acceleration on your navigator such as Chrome

Go to the peak right hand also side of chrome window you’ll view a 3 dots icon (menu) press that:


Search “hardware” then inspect off Use hardware acceleration when available


If you usage other browsers such as Brave, Opera or Firefox try the exact same procedure.

Upday Your Drivers

I can not emphasize just how vital is to store your vehicle drivers updated. A few months ago I purchased an exterior wifi card and plugged directly right into my computer system without installing the drivers then I started obtaining random BSOD errors (Blue Screen) at random days until I checked my event viewer to uncover error logs regarded my wifi card.

It instantly hit me that I did not install any type of chauffeurs so I installed my vehicle drivers then afterwards downloaded Driver Booster just to double inspect my vehicle drivers are as much as day.


Undoubtedly the switch to SSD was the greatest performance innovation but some of the worries remained till I began investigating and determined that malwarebytes along with unimportant components have been hindering home windows from moving the perfect performance.

My reference to you is to store your motorists updated specifically when introducing a brand-new gadget into your mechanism such as an outside usb wifi. Avoid Asubstantial and also AVG as they perform influence your system sevedepend however you can usage better antivirus such as Comodo Net Security (Free) or Kasperskies Free these 2 are perfect for gaming.

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I hope this overview was beneficial to you and also let me recognize in the comment area if you have any type of issues with any kind of variation of age of realms 2.