Acer predator g3-710 motherboard

Hi! I’m looking to swap out the motherboard from Acer predeveloped for somepoint that has an additional PCI-E slot for an m.2 nvme expansion card. The alters I’ve made so much have been swapping the original warmth sink for a bigger one (a $20 GAMMAX), relocating the components to a less hideous situation, swapping out the PSU to a 650w from a previous construct, and also upgrading the GPU from a 1070 to a 2070.

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The mobo that keeps coming up in my research is the Asrock b250 pro4, which I deserve to uncover for about $90. Is this the ideal move?

My other concern is whether my home windows 10 install will transfer/job-related with the brand-new mobo. A colleague of mine said the install can be linked to the hardware such that swapping the mobo can mean I’d need a new home windows license (an additional $120 that makes this not reasonable).

The CPU is an i7 7700 (non-k), and the memory are unexceptional DDR4-2133mhz.

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Any guidance is appreciated!

Edit: clarifications. Also, the design is G3-uc-710 not ‘up.’ (Autocorrect acquired me)

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1 year ago
If you acquired a Genuine home windows product key through your Acer PC then you deserve to usage that essential if you swap the mobo. If it came premounted, then unfortunately your friend is correct. You have the right to run Windows untriggered yet it boundaries certain updates and has a waternote on your screen. Your motherboard choice looks spot on.

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Original Poster1 year ago

Thank you incredibly a lot for confirming. I think I am the unfortunate OEM license situation, probably I’ll pull the cause any means... Thanks again!

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