A system shutdown is in progress windows 10

I had an worry last night as soon as a remote server that I was applying windows updays to, hung while it was shutting dvery own. I will certainly still able to ping the server, and access its file shares, however was unable to get RDP accessibility. I was cursing at this suggest, with the prospect of a lengthy journey the complying with day to investigate and also carry the server ago digital. I then considered what various other steps I might take to try and also force the server to reboot remotely. I used the PSTools command psexec to see if I could still get command also line accessibility to the remote server, and fortunately I might. Next I tried to force a reboot of the remote server using psexec and the shutdown command as complies with, wbelow REMOTE_SERVER_NAME is the name of the remote server that I was trying to reboot:

psexec \REMOTE_SERVER_NAME shutdown /r /t 01

alternatively you could use:

shutdown /m \REMOTE_SERVERNAME /r /t 01

This reverted the complying with error:

1115 A system shutdvery own is in progress

This basically intended that a device shutdvery own was currently in progression, and therefore the command also was unable to pressure a reboot. In the end I offered the pskill command to sheight the winlogon service on the remote server to try and also release whichever procedure wass leading to the server to hang on shutdvery own. I should stress that this was a last retype, and not somepoint that I would recommend doing unless essential:

pskill \REMOTE_SERVER_NAME winlogon

Anyway, after another few minutes the remote server did lastly restart, although there are a few other things that I should mention that occurred in the procedure. The operating system on this machine was Windows Server 2008 R2.

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After the server came back up (showed by ping -t REMOTE_SERVER_NAME) I tried to RDP the box again. I had the ability to enter my credentials and the logon procedure appeared to begin, but after a few seconds the complying with message appeared on the screen:

Please wait for the Windows Modules Installer

The machine sat choose that for fairly some time, and also then started ‘Configuring Updates’. My RDP session then abruptly ended and also the server restarted itself aobtain. Aget, as soon as it was ago up I tried to RDP the server aget and also received the ‘Please wait for the home windows modules installer message’ for a 2nd time. Thanktotally, after a couple of minutes and also one more ‘configuring updates’ message, logon continued and also ther server was back up and running. On checking the occasion log and also windows update log I had the ability to verify that all the updates had actually installed OK, and tright here were no various other errors worthy of note. So in summary, if you desire to conserve yourself a long trip, to most likely push a power or reset switch, you may desire to try the above first.


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