A new guard page for the stack cannot be created

After downloading home windows 10 , addressing the "flashing screen" problem and getting the many recent upgrades, I still get an error message "a new guard page for the stack cannot be created" . I have actually went back to home windows 7. Any thoughts or solutions?
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Blinking or Flashing desktop computer after log in

The symptoms in my situation were a flashing display short article upday to Thresorganize, caused by traveler rebeginning over and also over. The start menu and also shortreduced tricks would not job-related, and the netjob-related icon would not show up in the taskbar.

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The factor for the restarts on this machinewere worries via the bushell.dll shell expansion that"s a component of the Norton Security Suite.

Your mileage will certainly differ, the procedures listed below will certainly just aid if your concern has actually the same reason as in my situation and also require some suffer via using low level technological tools. If you are not familiar via the home windows command also line, you should not attempt this type of repair however ask someone that is for assist.

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That sassist, I had the ability to sheight the restarts by adhering to these steps:

(1) Press Ctrl-Alt-Del

(2) Choose Task manager

(3) From Data | Run, run cmd.exe as an governmental user (check checkbox underneath edit)

(4) Note that text input is affected by the traveler restarts. You will have to type carefully and also most likely will certainly should repeat multiple letters

(5) In the command shell, type taskkill /f /im traveler.exe (same alerts about keying apply)

(6) This have to sheight the flashing and make the remainder of the measures much easier to manage

(7) Type cd "Program Files"

(8) Type dir /s bushell.dll

(9) In my situation, the dll was found in "c: egimen filesNorton Security SuiteEngine6422.5.2.15

If bushell.dll is not uncovered, repeat measures 7 to 9 yet usage "Program Files (x86)"

(10) Type cd "c: outine filesNorton Security SuiteEngine6422.5.2.15" (rearea via the name of the magazine you discovered the extension in)

(11) Type ren bushell.dll bushell-crash.dll

(12) Rebegin the device (you have the right to execute that from the command also line by inputting shutdvery own /r /f /t 0)

Credit: Roland also Radtke (vr-tab-quebec.com)


Log out and go to the authorize in display.Hold down the transition key on your key-board while clicking the Power button on the display.Continue to organize down the shift key while clicking Restart.Continue to hold dvery own the change key till the Cutting edge Recoextremely Options menu appears.Click TroubleshootClick Advanced optionsClick Startup SettingsClick RestartPress (4) to Enable Safe ModeWait while Windows 10 starts in safe mode.Log inPress Windows key + XClick Device ManagerExpand Display AdapterRight click your Display adapter and also click UninstallExit Device ManagerRestart

You might have to go to a working computer, downpack the latest Video Driver for your computer, save it to a thumbdrive. Copy it to the affected computer system and also install it. If there is no indigenous Windows 10 driver, downfill the latest Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 video driver and install in compatibility mode.

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Find Out more:

How to: Install and Update vehicle drivers in Windows 10

If namong the above work-related, try rolling earlier to your previous variation and wait a while to upgrade again:

How to: Rollago to a previous version of Windows from Windows 10


1.Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to gain to where I deserve to restart my computer system.2.Hold dvery own change while clicking "Restart Computer".3.Click on "Troubleshoot"4.Click on "Cutting edge Options"5.Click on "Startup Setting"6.Click on "Restart"7.After rebegin push the "5" crucial to begin in safe mode via networking.8.If your trouble is not existing in safe mode then you are on the right track.9.Start up your msconfig.exe file. (to perform this press the windows key and also R. Type msconfig).10.Go to the "Services" tab and also choose "Disable All" then click on "OK".11.You will receive a prompt to reboot your computer system. Go ahead and also carry out so.12.Once rebooted in normal mode, verify that the concern is no much longer present.13.If the problem is gone then it"s just a procedure of elimination from here. Start up your msconfig.exe aget and also start bringing up solutions a couple of at a time.14.I am not sure if it will be the same for you, however if you want to try, you can turn on all services except the two that were resulting in the difficulty for me.•Problem Reports and also Solutions Control Panel Support•Windows Error Reporting Service.