A data disk is currently set as active

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I planned on swapping out my hard drive via a new, 2TB one this weekfinish. I imaged my present one to an external hard drive, popped out the old drive, put in the new one, booted to a Windows 10 Rescue dvd. The "Rekeep from Image" regime works, locates the photo on my external drive, and also starts to restore it on my brand-new difficult drive, then I get the complying with error:
The system picture gain back failed. Error details: A information disk is presently set as active in BIOS, Set some other disk as active or usage the DiskPart utility to clean the data disk, and then retry the regain procedure. (0x80042406)I had actually several various other data drives in the pc that I removed after this error, yet it did not help. I went into the BIOS and did not understand wbelow to modify this establishing. I"ve formatted the new hard drive and tried it, I"ve deleted the brand-new partition on the new hard drive, still get this error. I"m going to follow these instructions tonight for DiskPart and check out if that resolves it, but does anyone else have any concept what this is happening? The diskpart /aid choices weren"t incredibly advantageous didn"t discover that connect till this morning. Thanks,

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I had actually a similar worry as soon as I migrated to an SDD, however I simply provided the partition manager that comes via windows. Can you open it and also article a screenshot?

Do you have a dock? They are pretty cheap. Clone the current hard drive straight to the new one. Then insert brand-new one and you are excellent to go. This is just how our IT guys carry out it at occupational.

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