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Lopuiz commented Sep 27, 2019

Lines 37 to 63 in 725a015

See more: Network Recording Player Unknown File Format, Which Is The Player To View The Recordings (

preeminence id="63103" level="5"> if_sid>63100if_sid> field name="win.system.eventID">^1102$field> description>The audit log was cleareddescription> options>no_full_logoptions> group>log_clearing_auditlog,gpg13_10.1,gdpr_II_5.1.f,gdpr_IV_30.1.g,group> rule> ascendancy id="63104" level="5"> if_sid>63100if_sid> field name="win.device.eventID">^104$field> description>A Windows log file was cleareddescription> options>no_full_logoptions> group>log_clearing,gpg13_10.1,gdpr_II_5.1.f,group> rule> rule id="63105" level="5"> if_sid>63100if_sid> area name="win.system.eventID">^6005$field> description>The Event log organization was starteddescription> options>no_full_logoptions> group>windows_log_service_started,gpg13_10.1,group> rule>

Lines 31 to 36 in 725a015

See more: The Operation Failed As No Adapter, Error: Is In The State Permissible

rule id="60002" level="0">
area name="win.mechanism.channel">^System$field>
description>Group of Windows rules for the System channeldescription>