5007 - tx/cmd timeout (tfdqueue hanged)

It all began with world informing me that once they were gathered in a meeting room, everybody loses their link to the Wi-Fi. This taken place sporadically and also everyone gained disassociated at the same time. Obviously the AP and the Wi-Fi were believed of being the source of this problem, so I started my evaluation. After some digging and frame catching, it proved that throughout the occurrence of this issue, no Wi-Fi frames were transmitted on that provided channel for about 10 seconds, not also Beacon Frames.

As an instance listed below a Wireshark IO Graph through all the Beacon Frames my sniffer received on that affected channel during the issue:

Wireshark IO Graph through screen filter “wlan.fc.type_subform == 0x0008”

There was no logical explacountry for me, so I started up Ekahau and also the Sidekick to look at the RTFM (actual time frequency monitor), and the adhering to happening revealed itself:

RF-Jamming on Channel 36+ / 36w

As youhave the right to see, tbelow is somepoint that interferes with the Wi-Fi and jamms up thewhole channel for around 10 seconds. Upon even more investigation, it wasnoticeable that not the AP was the resource of that interference, yet among thenotepublications in the room.

Redevelop Issue

It seemedthat the RF-Jamming was happening greatly after the notebooks were woken up fromsome power conserving or hibernation settings. I tried to find a method to redevelop it andwas able to discover the following procedure to carry out so 100% of the times:

1. Disable Wi-Fi
2. Enable Wi-Fi
3. Connect to Wi-Fi

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Go to https://www.speedtest.net and also start a speedtest
5. During the speedtest, the Wi-Fi NIC crashes and also the RF-Jamming happens. Most of the times, the speedtest website crashes with this error message

Please note: Throughout the RF-Jamming, the notebook reinitializes the Wi-Fi card (happens automatically) and reconnects to the Wi-Fi. After that, the problem does not take place any type of more once you start the speedtest again. It looks choose the factor for this is that after the reinitialization, the notebook does not usage TXOPs with CF-End frames any type of more (view section “Setup that causes issue” for even more details).

But as soon as you follow the measures above, you have the right to redevelop it aget.

Observe Issue

You deserve to usage various approaches to observe the test above.

Frame Catch beside the notebook that causes the RF jamming (watch section “Introduction”)Spectrum Analysis beside the notebook that reasons the RF jamming (view section “Introduction”)Ping from or to a client within the impacted BSA (Basic Service Area)
PING loss in the time of RF-JammingCheck Eventlog from the notebook that is resulting in the worry. Tbelow is a Netwtw06 5007 Error “5007 – TX/CMD timeout (TfdQueue hanged) and a 10400 NDIS Warning that suggests that the Wi-Fi NIC obtained reinitiated.
Event ID 5007 – “5007 – TX/CMD timeout (TfdQueue hanged)”

Setup That Casupplied Issue

With many “try and error”, I tried to narrow down the setup and also combicountry of variables that causes this behaviour. Please note that this is based on my lab outcomes with the devices I had actually easily accessible, so your instance may differ (especially the component “Wi-Fi Specific Characteristics”). You are even more than welcome to ping me through your results, and I will certainly update this article as necessary.

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Notebook Characteristics

Wi-Fi Specific Characteristics

SSID via 802.11ac (VHT) capabilitiesCoding: BCCNotebook making use of TXOPs via CF-End Frames
During a TXOP, the transmitter (Notebook) clintends the channels’ airtime by setting a high duration in the duration field of its Frames. After the TXOP, the transmitter resets the NAV timer by sfinishing out a CF-End Frame with the duration of “0”.

Setup That Caused Issue

I uncovered 2 means to remedy this problem:

Asconstantly, please don’t hesitate to hit me up if you have any kind of concerns orvarious outcomes with this topic