4 4gb ram or 2 8gb

It"s not unexplained to have actually this sort of question questioned in tech forums, so this day we"re having actually a look at the performance influence of having actually 4 DDR4 memory modules in a dual-channel mechanism, opposed to just 2 modules. In this scenario all modules are operating at the same frequency, usage the same timings, and provide the very same total memory capacity.

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Dual-channel platdevelops such as AMD’s AM4 or Intel’s LGA1151 require two matched memory modules for dual-channel procedure, adding a 2nd pair will certainly just expand also memory capacity and also won’t upgrade you to quad-channel memory, for that you’d need a Threadripper or Cascade Lake-X processor.

However before, we"ve viewed tests roughly showing an increase in performance by adding two added modules, allegedly without raising memory frequency, or boosting timings.

We think this due to exactly how the memory is configured or more specifically, the memory ‘rank’. For those of you unmindful, the term ‘rank’ suggests the number of 64-little bit memory financial institutions on a module. Many consumer grade memory attributes a single rank, though higher capacity modules are typically dual rank, while server grade memory is frequently quad-rank.

Identifying if your memory is dual or single rank have the right to be hard as software doesn’t constantly read modules properly and not all memory manufacturers note the rank in the modules" ID.

Generally, single rank modules function all memory chips on one side of the PCB, while dual rank memory areas chips on both sides of the PCB. However, that’s not constantly the situation. A module through chips on both sides of the PCB is just dual-sided, and also can still be a single-ranked module, so it’s a little bit confutilizing.

Things obtain also messier once you introduce more memory sticks or modules. A mechanism occupied via more than two single-ranked modules will certainly actually act as if dual-ranked modules are set up. In truth, tbelow is exceptionally little distinction between one dual-ranked module and two single-rank modules once connected to the exact same memory controller, also though the memory chips reside on different PCBs.

This is necessary to note because in the tests we’ve seen all memory offered has been single-ranked modules. So as soon as using 2 single ranked modules for dual-channel procedure, the memory is configured as a single rank. However, as soon as utilizing 4 single rank modules for dual-channel procedure, the memory is now configured as a dual-rank.

DIMM Module Rank Configurations

This can offer the four DIMM module configuration an advantage as it permits a number of open DRAM peras in each rank. Although the ranks can’t be accessed simultaneously, they can be accessed separately and this indicates the controller can sfinish compose information to one rank, while it waits for read information formerly schosen from another rank.

How much of an affect this has on performance relies on the application and the memory controller"s ability to take advantage of open up pages. But what all this suggests is, yes it’s possible for four modules to enhance performance over two modules in a dual-channel system.

Demonstrating that we’ll look at a collection of benchmarks performed using a Core i9-9900K and also Ryzen 9 3900X processor. Supporting this examination is Team Group via their T-Force Vuldeserve to Z DDR4-3000 memory. They’ve offered two 8GB modules together with 4 4GB modules, all making use of the same timings.

Tests on the Intel system mostly took location on the Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Ultra motherboard, but we’ve also had some testing on a cheap MSI B360 board. Then for the Ryzen test system we have the Gigabyte X570 Aorus Master, both utilizing an RTX 2080 Ti to mitigate GPU bottlenecks in our tests.


First up we have actually Cevery one of Duty: Modern War wbelow we check out no discernible difference between 2 and also 4 RAM modules, for both AMD and Intel dual-channel platdevelops. This is probably the type of performance you’d mean to see for the most part, however it’s not always the case.

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Here is an instance wright here we carry out view some difference in performance for the Core i9-9900K, but not the Ryzen 9 3900X. The Intel mechanism experienced a mild 4% performance rise once making use of four memory modules and also this was replicated numerous times.


It’s a similar story through Shadow of the Tomb Raider. The Intel system witnessed approximately a 4% performance boost, certainly not massive, but it was a difference that we could redevelop over and over. On Ryzen it didn’t issue, 2 or four modules created the exact same outcome.


Testing through Assassin’s Creed Odyssey was amazing, we witnessed gains for both AMD and Intel once making use of four memory modules. The Core i9-9900K’s performance was increased by as much as 7%, and also 5% for the Ryzen 9 3900X. Clbeforehand dual-ranked memory is of benefit in this title, at leastern under these conditions.


An impressive 1% low performance cause Far Cry New Dawn with the 9900K. Performance was increased by 9% and although the average framework price is barely improved, it’s still feasible you’d notice the raised 1% low structure rate. The Ryzen 9 3900X mechanism was repetitively a few frames faster with 4 RAM modules, yet not to the degree wright here you’d alert a distinction.


The performance gains checked out when completely populating the DIMM slots in World War Z are quite superior, here the 9900K was up to 10% much faster, while the 3900X was as much as 9% much faster. Those are reasonably considerable gains, though we are pushing well over 150 fps here.


We’ve re-tested a B360 board with the 9900K installed and also we"re comparing the World War Z outcomes. Of course, we’re limited to DDR4-2666 on the locked chipset, yet the suggest was to check out if four modules still increased performance on a budacquire board and also as you have the right to view below, they execute as we’re looking at up to a 6% performance increase. The margin isn’t quite as significant yet we’re also running the memory at a reduced frequency now.


And simply ultimately here’s a look at exactly how the DDR4-3000 CL16 memory compares to DDR4-3200 CL14 memory. Please note the CL14 memory does fill a 32GB capacity as you can’t acquire 3200 CL14 4GB modules, but given that World War Z doesn’t need even more than 16GB of memory, this won’t affect performance.

What we suspect we’re seeing right here through the faster memory is the Core i9-9900K founding to reach the borders of the RTX 2080 Ti under these test conditions. Whereas previously with the DDR4-3000 memory the 9900K saw a 10% boost via 4 modules, that margin has actually been lessened to 6% through the quicker memory.

Wrap Up

Installing four memory modules in a dual-channel device have the right to enhance performance in particular scenarios. However before it need to be made clear that this will not immediately interpret into a 5-7% performance rise in games. For that to occur you need to be more CPU restricted than GPU restricted and that’s rarely the situation when utilizing great graphics top quality settings or hardware configurations.

For instance, we were experimentation through a GeForce RTX 2080 Ti at 1080p. Increasing the resolution to 1440p will certainly likely result in neutralizing any kind of benefit we just experienced with the 2 extra modules as games come to be mostly GPU bound. The same would be true at 1080p using a lesser graphics card.

It’s likewise worth noting that 4 modules have the right to additionally limit memory performance in the sense that you might not be able to attain the exact same frequency and also timings that you might via just two modules. In various other words, a directly compariboy becomes fairly tough to make as tright here are a variety of variables that have to be taken into consideration.

The Ryzen 9 3900X is limited to DDR4-2933 when using 4 modules, whereas AMD’s official spec claims the CPU will certainly manage DDR4-3200 with just two modules. Depfinishing on just how great the silsymbol is, the incorporated memory controller can perform much better than that. Our chip handles best up to DDR4-3600 CL16 memory through 4 modules, yet whatever the limit, the point is, it will go better with just two modules.

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Dual-ranked modules introduce a brand-new collection of boundaries, though none were explored in this write-up. AMD lists the official dual-ranked DIMM support as DDR4-3200 for two modules, but simply DDR4-2666 once using 4 modules. It would certainly be amazing to watch how two and 4 dual-ranked modules compare in these dual-channel systems, but that’s a test for an additional day.

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