32 layer 3d v-nand

Samsung has announced they havebegan mass production of their 256Gb 3D V-NAND flash memory, which is based upon 48 layers of 3-little MLC arrays for usage in SSDs. This comes soon after SanDisk’s similar announcement back on August third of last week.

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Samsung has announced they havestartedmass manufacturing of their 256Gb 3D V-NAND flash memory, which is based upon 48 layers of 3-little MLC arrays for use in SSDs. This comes quickly after SanDisk’s comparable announcement back on August 3rd of last week.


Previously, Samsung had actually initially unveiled its 2nd generation V-NAND (32-layer 3-bit MLC V-NAND) chips ago in August, 2014. Quick forwarding just ayear later, the company has already doubled the density of standard 128Gb NAND flash chips to 256Gb 3D V-NAND, which allows for 32 gigabytes (or 256 gigabits) of memory storage on one single die. In addition, the brand-new chip doubles the capacity of the company’s existing SSD models, allowing the manufacturing of multi-terabyte SSDs.

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Each cell of the V-NAND chip levereras the same 3D Charge Trap Flash (CTF) structure. The cell arrays are stacked vertically to create a 48-storied mass, which is electrically associated via about 1.8 billion channel holes penetrating the arrays as a result of distinct etching technology. Samsung indicates that each chip includes over 85.3 billion cells in complete via the capability to store 3 bits of data. This results in 256 billion bits of information (e.g. 256Gb) on a chip that is no bigger than a dime.

In enhancement, a Samsung claims that their 48-layer 3-little MLC 256Gb V-NAND flash chip provides over 30 percent reduction in power efficiency compared to a 32-layer, 3-little bit MLC, 128Gb V-NAND chipthat is storingthe very same amount of data. The agency likewise adds that, the new chip additionally achieves about 40 percent even more productivity over its 32-layer predecessor during manufacturing, making it substantially even more price reliable.

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Samsung plans to manufacturer its 3rd generation V-NAND with 2015. In enhancement to presenting SSDs through densities of 2TB and also higher, the agency additionally shows it will certainly increase its high-thickness SSD sales for the enterprise and also information facility storage industries utilizing PCIe NVMe and SAS interencounters.