2 6 pin connectors graphics card

An regularly overlooked yet necessary aspect as soon as building a COMPUTER is power consumption. A top-of-the-line graphics card have the right to considerably overbear the PSU and that is somepoint gamers definitely execute not want. To better understand GPU power connectors, we have actually ready this resource for you.

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Some low-end and also lower-tier mid-variety graphics cards have the right to only usage the PCI Expush x16 slot to attract their power from, however even more demanding ones will certainly must usage 6-pin or 8-pin PCI Expush power connectors.

This have the right to be especially confutilizing once using a multi-GPU setup, like via the SLI. In that instance, the power necessity is the sum of 2 (or more) associated graphics cards.

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PCI Express x16 Connector


With the release of Nvidia’s RTX 3000 series, we were presented to 12-pin power connectors. This was a relocate out of necessity as Nvidia really required the added power for their all-effective cards and they actually came up via a fairly elegant solution.

A 12-pin connector is around the size of an 8-pin connector, although it have the right to logically attract a lot even more power. Nvidia was forthcoming in regard to the availability of PSUs via 12-pin connectors, so it released an adapter which allows two 6-pin connectors to interchallenge via its card’s 12-pin slot.

Adapters Or Converters For Connectors

Tbelow are often compatibility problems as soon as structure a PC and power connectors are no different. Luckily, computers are made by designers that choose to modify stuff that’s not fitted to their demands by default.

A agency by the name of Molex pioneered these pin connectors all the way back in the late 50s and at an early stage 60s, and has given that become identified with the term. So don’t be surprised to hear these described as Molex Adapters or Molex Converters.

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4-Pin Molex to 6-Pin PCI-E Adapter Cable

You’ll desire to use this cable if your graphics card calls for a 6-pin power connector however your PSU doesn’t have it. That’ll actually be a authorize of a very old PSU, so possibly it’s time for an upgrade. If you’ll still stick to your guns, know that this sort of adapter have the right to occasionally need one 4-pin connector, however it’ll most frequently be two, which is the recommended alternative.

4-Pin Molex to 8-Pin PCI-E Power Adapter Cable

This cable supplies two 4-pin connectors and adapts it to an 8-pin connector. 4-pin to 8-pin is something that will certainly most likely be many helpful with top mid-selection and high-end graphics cards.

6-Pin to 8-Pin PCI-E Adapter Cable

If you’ve newly purchased a top-course GPU, it will likely need an 8-pin connector, which some PSUs can not have. In that instance, the 6-pin to 8-pin adapter is the solution for you.

2x 8-Pin To 12-Pin PCI-E Adapter Cable

As stated previously, the 12-pin power connector is the latest innovation important for Nvidia’s 3000 series graphics cards. Because there was a relatively tiny supply of PSUs through a 12-pin power connector upon the launch of the 3000 series, Nvidia consisted of a dual 8-pin to 12-pin adapter with its packing.

SATA to 6-Pin PCI-E Adapter Cable

This cable converts your SATA connectors to a 6-pin one, however this is mainly advised against. It’s feasible that SATA won’t be able to handle the power that your graphics card might require and also this case is not something that you desire to be in the middle of, especially if the cable is labeled as “SATA only“.

SATA to 8-Pin PCI-E Adapter Cable

Likewise, SATA can also be adjusted to an 8-pin power connector. In this specific scenario, there will be 2 SATA connectors for one 8-pin connector.

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Important Note About Adapters

In a lot of instances, it’s ideal to upgrade your PSU if you absence connectors, as it could be the case that they weren’t constructed through your power consumption in mind. If possible, it’s best to usage Molex to Molex for your GPU requirements, as they have actually thicker wires and have the right to sell even more existing. A SATA to Molex adapter could be exposed and cause burnout if the GPU draws more power through a greater pack or by overclocking.