100 percent disk usage windows 10 2016

I have actually had actually several computer systems in lately through bad performance. When I opened up the task mgr I view disk usage is at 100percent. I went with a number of of the online fixes which show up to remedy the worry, yet when I open up any kind of programs usage spikes aget even to open up a .jpg disk intake will run approximately 100% then slowly go back to normal. the computer is an i5 through 8gb of memory and much less than 1 year old tright here should be no worries opening such a tiny file. the various other computer systems have actually ranged i3 4gb yet again this need to not be an issue, it is happening to too many win 10 units to think it is just the computer
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Replied on September 2, 2016


"I did notification defender was running also though Norton is installed. I had the ability to disable defender."

Same problem I had. Yes.....HAD. The trouble to me does show up to be Defender as you stated, and also while youthink you are disabling it, I believe it proceeds to run in the background and also hog the disk. Read below and give this a try. For me, my computer system proceeds to percreate perfectly a week thereafter.

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The "Fix" that works (for me).....

Way too many human being having this very same 100% disk intake problem. Yes, tbelow might be many kind of factors yet it"s simply as most likely it"s something easy.

In my instance, I came to suspect Defender was at the heart of the difficulty. Reason: My Task Manager showed "Windows Antimalware Executable" at 100%.

After trying countless "Fixes," including turning off Defender, (to the level that it will allow), nopoint seemed to work-related. My fan was running continuously and I was sure my difficult drive would self-destruct.

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So, suspecting that turning off Defender"s "Real-Time Protection" truly didn"t shut down totally, I downloaded the complimentary regime, "Spybot Search and Destroy." By vr-tab-quebec.com"s design, downloading a 2nd anti-virus routine will cause Defender to immediately revolve off so as to not have the two programs conflicting. Apparently your Norton does not accomplish the anti-virus aspect to turn off Defender, while SS&D does.

This deserve to be proved by going to Settings / Update & Security / Windows Defender. All selectable items, consisting of "Real-time Protection" will be "greyed out" and also no longer switchable (on/off).

So....after dealing with this 100% disk intake difficulty for over a month, my computer has been running perfectly for the last week. No difficulties whatsoever before. The change was immediate upon downloading SS&D. I have actually no doubt that you could try other anti-virus programs and gain the very same outcome.

This is by far the simplest "Fix" I"ve tried.....and also the only one that actually operated. If it doesn"t occupational for you, simply delete it and also go ago to Defender. Having sassist that, I"d prefer to use Defender myself....however I can not toleprice what it"s doing to my computer system.

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Good luck,Todd

UPDATE: After a week of perfect feature and also simply to verify my suspicions that Defender is the problem, I deleted my Spybot Search & Destroy. This enabled Defender to revolve earlier on. My Task Manager immediately showed my difficult disk to be running at 100% aobtain. The culprit figured out by Task Manager when aacquire as "Windows Antimalware Executable."

So, if anyone deserve to convince me that Defender is NOT the difficulty right here....please chime in. By the way, re-installing SS&D when aget immediately"fixed" the difficulty by automatically shutting dvery own (grey-out) Defender.